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Debut recording by Evil Triplet!


released February 10, 2017

Evil Triplet is:

Steve Marsh - vocals, electric guitar, synths, loops, piano, organ, mellotron
Joe Volpi - bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Kirk Laktas - drums, piano, organ, synth

Produced by Rob Halverson and Steve Marsh
Engineered by Charles Godfrey
Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios, Tornillo, TX
Additional recording and mixed by Rob Halverson at Halversonics Recording, Austin, TX
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service



all rights reserved


Evil Triplet Austin, Texas

Like your evil twin, only more so...

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Track Name: Star Ladder
Step by step by broken step, rung by ringing rung
Climbing the star ladder to the place where life's begun
Upward through the central shaft, rising as before
Through the cosmic sky hole and to the final door

Star Ladder, how far can I climb?
Only out beyond the boundaries of your mind
Don't forget to leave your world behind

From this vanishing vantage point, I can see for miles
The pillow where I rest my head is breaking out in smiles
The constellations rearrange and form a certain sign
The Milky Way is spelling out the words inside my mind

Star Ladder, how far can I go?
Only out as far and farther than you know
As above is so below
Track Name: Fungus
The fungus among us
Came from the stars
Traveling through space
In tiny spores

The fungus among us
Arrived at the dawn
And hid in the cow shit
And waited for man

The fungus among us
From Sirius came
And serious is
The name of the game

The fungus among us
Technology is
For visiting their world
Next door to this

Hey look, there's a fungus among us
Hey look, they're an alien race
Hey look, the cosmos is calling
Hey look, it's melting your face

Hey look, there's a fungus among us
Hey look, they've got something to say
Hey look, they're speaking our language
Hey look, it's a brand new day
Track Name: Get A Job
Sales people!
Ambitious students!
Enjoy music?
Enjoy helping others?
Need a job?
I've got one for you!
Ideal for mothers!
Number one!
Fantastic money!
Are you an alligator?
Fired for stealing?
Are you closing all the potential sales?
Begin a new career!
Big bucks!
Big bonus money!
Instant cash and bonus!
Join the real professionals!
Join the winning team!
Work your own hours!
No experience necessary!
Get a job!
Get a job!
Get a job!
Get a real job!
Track Name: Planet I'm On
Looking back over my shoulder
Down a blind alley at dawn
I can't see what's wrong with me
I don't know what planet I'm on

The eagle has not landed
In fact it won't too soon
UFOs are flying overhead
This ain't no weather balloon

My mind is playing tricks on me
Transformer won't transform
Losing a battle of wits and
I don't know what planet I'm on

Three crazy crows in my backyard
Dressed just like men in black
Hoppin' around in my business, lord
I believe I'm gonna crack

Tinseltown has taken over
TV will keep me warm
Tin foil hats ain't where it's at
I don't know what planet I'm on
Track Name: Post Group Date Scene
House full of wigs with nothing to do
But stare all night through the plate glass window
All them heads are staring at me
Lucky for me they're only human
It's a bad night to walk the dog
The streets are clogged with teenage Christians
Dating in groups of eight or more
And capping it off at the ice cream parlor

I thought Post Group Date Scene was a cereal
But those are little bitty heads inside that box
It's better than eating catfood

I thought Post Group Date Scene was a serial
But they took it off the air after just one show
There's nothing good on til Sunday
Track Name: Pyramids
Screaming across the midnight sky
Everything's going fine
I took off several hours ago and I
Left the mall world behind
Looking for the most precious thing
It wasn't so hard to find
I stole it and gave it to the
One who needs it and
Then I blew my mind

Cruising altitude, autopilot,
Escape velocity
From this elevation
I'm amazed at all I see
Pyramids in the distance
I hear them calling me
Landing strip is lit up bright
Soon I will be free

Coming in for a landing now
No longer on the run
Past the Pyramid of the Moon to the
Pyramid of the Sun
Gold bricks floating in the air
Written on every one
"Every man and woman is a star"
Now it has begun
Track Name: We Are The Aliens
We traveled across millennia
To this time and place
We recognized that empty look
On your hominid face
We lived inside your body
We lived inside your mind
It was the only available host
Around that we could find
We're multidimensional beings
From the universe next door
We're trapped in your illusion
So we might as well explore
Some people call us ego
Some people call us soul
We're the alien invasion
We feed off what you know

We are the aliens
You are the aliens
We are the aliens
Sleep tight

We ride your empty bodies
We tell you what to do
We make you build your cities
Lock animals in the zoo
Some of us are friendly
Some of us are mean
Some of us are crazy
The worst you've ever seen
When your life is over
Nothing more to say
We slip to our dimensions
But we never quite go away
When your world is over
Time to be moving on
Maybe you will see us
Escaping into dawn

We are the aliens
You are the aliens
We are the aliens
Sleep tight
Track Name: Worship Satin
Worship satin in the morning
Worship satin in the evening
Worship satin in the middle of the afternoon
Worship satin in the bedroom
Worship satin in the bathroom
Worship satin in the living and the dining room

Such a stupid teenage boy
And his life was truly dismal
Heard the message I was calling
But his spelling was abysmal


Such a stupid teenage daughter
Heard the message I was wailing
Took her daddy's hunting rifle
But her grades in school were failing


Hear me now, my loyal subjects
And give me your full attention
Stay in school, I do command it
Or face your afterlife detention

Track Name: Road Trips
I remember going home with the freaks in West Virginia
Lying on the roof and watching the cosmic light show
Waking in the morning with the dogs and kids
Eating a tie-dyed breakfast
Didn't I shave your head in the shape of Texas?

We had just a little bit too much fun in Munich
We almost missed the bus in Baden Baden
Sitting in a hot tub in Arkansas
With Jack and the cat psychiatrist girl
Waiting for Satori in the empty sanitarium

The sun came up over your bald head, enchanting
And then I noticed it was made of pink granite
What were we up to the night before
Up on the rock with the Bundys and Clem
Trying to find a way to get off our tiny planet

Knocking on wood at the feet of Giant Redwoods
Sending out a message to the millions of day glo spiders
I watched them fly by upside down
The trees and bugs and tourist cars
Before I knew it, we had arrived in Fresno